About Our Shannen School CBSE


Shannen School is among the most distinguished co-educational CBSE school.

The school believes in holistic development of its students, thus encouraging extracurricular activities along-with academics.

Shannen has very special meaning hidden in it "God's Gracious Gift". As per the meaning our school is really fulfilling and giving.

  • Kind and Pleasant Atmosphere
  • Dealing of Politeness
  • Make a Child Graceful
  • Try to Make High Social Status
  • Home of your Child
  • Blessed by the God
  • Bond of Trust

Our Learning Mantra

  • Safe and Supportive learning environment
  • Inspirational Teaching to learn more and more
  • Effective support to those facing challenges in learning
  • Impartial Teaching
  • Observation of students’ behavior on a regular basis
  • Special look after for the students’ dressing
  • Extra focus on those who needs more time and teaching
  • Different activities for students of different level
  • Teaching as per students’ interest
  • Counseling as and when required
  • Homely environment
  • Less student teacher ratio
  • Discussion method rather than mere lectures.
  • Repetition, Recapitulation and Revision

Our efforts for Improvements

  • Personal Interaction with Parents/Students for their suggestions
  • Up gradation of teachers through workshops inside and outside schools
  • Experienced Teachers – calm and composed personality
  • Up gradation of their knowledge and techniques of teaching
  • Explanation of topics through online teaching

Shannen's New Horizons

Shannen's new horizons has developed a fresh perspective on education to enhance the value and quality of education. It believes in:

Enjoyable Learning Experiences

Learning happens through diverse activities in school. This includes and group activities, diverse activities, puzzles, field visits, work sheets, projects etc. makes learning much more enjoyable enriching process.

Mixed Group Learning

A mixed group discussions usually represents reality better and thus prepares children better.

Conducive Environment to Learn

Environment that is child friendly, caring & non-threatening. The emphasis is on letting a child discover through exploration. Both physical and mental, for the child in play, learn and reflect. Every child learns at her own pace and moves on to greater challenges.

Individual Attention

Individualized attention is probable one of the most important implications of a small class size. The strengths and weakness of a child can be discovered by the educators here.

Continuous Evaluation

This is a process to help evaluate the child better by continuous day-to-day monitoring and feedback. The evaluation provides detailed observation.

All-round Development

The activities designed not only effect the intellectual formation of the student but also influence the student physically, spiritually and psychologically.


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  • Mr. Sunil DalwadiChairman

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  • Dr. Shilpa DalwadiMD


Our Team

Our teachers are our prized assets in framing the future of the students. Here, every teacher is not just a teacher but "Educator" who are highly qualified of experience in their respective subject. Teachers are here as guide, a mentor and friend helping them to reach out for their dreams. Teachers have a progressive approach towards evolving new and innovative teaching aids and we make sure that positive attitude is sustained through workshops, exchange programs, training, seminars and other activities on frequent basis.

Thus the team of facilitators at Shannen stays updated with the latest teaching skills and new teaching learning pedagogies.



J.C Group has a long and proud tradition of intellectual rigor and pursuit of innovative knowledge, begun by Mr. Sunil Dalwadi in year 2000. That tradition lives today through the creativity, entrepreneurship, and engagement of our faculty, students, and staff. "Pedagogy, high-quality instruction, and student learning" are our secret to success and the discipline we employ to stay focused on high-quality instruction as well as student performance in every area of learning.

The J.C. GROUP Of INSTITUTIONS has been known for a spirit of exploration with critical thinking, balancing curriculum and utilizing extra potential of its students to help them reach prime Excellence. The group with the education options ranging from KG to PG runs on a constant quest for challenging & changing the education system and also believes in very dedicatedly teaching its students the Values of becoming a good and responsible Citizen through its several social drives.

The Group, in fact, continues to look for excellence in every aspect of its activities to develop the students into leaders of tomorrow who will make name not only for themselves but also for their Institution and nation.

JC group always has a tradition of innovation and creativity. We always believe in coming out with more refined and reformed ideas for transforming education system. Hence we always strive sincerely for our conviction of "Kuch Naya Ho Jaye".

JC Group An Evidence of Identity