A well-designed syllabus is an essential tool for effectively managing academics at school. It gives students a clear understanding of our expectations and a road map for how the course will be conducted throughout the session.

We at JC Group put together a simple syllabus to communicate our plans and expectations to students and their parents. “The syllabus is seen as a legal agreement between students and education organization.”

Since the syllabus is one of the first materials students will have about the course, the design of the syllabus is our opportunity to make a good first impression on our students. We at J.C Group put up lot of effort to organize, comprehend, easy-to-read syllabus which makes a positive first impression on our students. Of the course, we considered what they will learn, and that we care about the quality of their experience in the course.

Academic performance is important for many reasons. It can open the door to opportunity and pave the way for future success, both in higher education and professionally however, we believe a values-based education is of equal importance. Our values-driven education is expressed through core values which are woven into every academic and extracurricular activities at school.


Evaluation System – CBSE

Grade : I to V

The school believes in conducng examinaons without pung any pressure over the tender minds of young children. Connuous and compressive evaluaon is done that refers to cover all the aspects of student’s development.

The Enire academic session is divided into two terms:

  • 1st term - April to September
  • 2nd term - October to March

The pattern of evaluation will be as prescribed by CBSE.

Grade Grade Range % Remarks
A+ 90% - 100% Outstanding
A 75% - 89% Excellent
B 56% - 74% Very Good
C 35% - 55% Good
D Below 35 % Needs Improvement

Each Term will include class tests, Oral Assessment, Projects, Class Work / Home Work, Assignments, Periodical tests and Term Exam etc.

School achievement record will reflect a child’s atudes, aptudes and achievements. The students evaluation is done on a 5 point scale which is mentioned below that spreads over the entire academic session.

Criteria For Promotion

A Non detention policy is favoured in these classes unless detenons at a particular level is advanced by subject/class teachers.

Evaluation Process

Grade : VI to X

As per the CBSE instructions, the examination for grade VI to X from academic session 2017-18 would be conducted as per the remodeled assessment structure explained below :-

Annual Examination :-

Whole syllabus will be included in the annual examination. Which will be conducted in march. Maximum marks will be 80. Students need to secure 33% out of 80 marks in each subject.

Final Assessment :-

It will include annual examinaon of 80 marks and internal assessment of 20 marks.

Half Yearly Examination (VI to VIII)

Half of the syllabus will be included in this examination Will include written examination of 80 marks and internal assessment of 20 marks Will be conducted in september.

Internal Assessment (20 Marks)

It includes periodical tests, notebook submission and subject enrichment acvites.

Periodic Test :-

Grade ( VI to VIII ) will have two periodic tests each of 40 marks.

  • 1st periodic test - July
  • 2nd periodic test - January

Grade ( IX/X ) will have three Periodic written tests.

  • 1st periodic test - July - 30 marks
  • 2nd periodic test - September - 60 marks
  • 3rd periodic test - November - 60 marks

Note :- Student has to secure 33% marks out of overall 20 marks.

Notebook Submission:-

  • It will Cover
  • Regularity
  • Assignment Completion
  • Neatness and upkeep of notebooks

Subjects enrichment acvity :-

  • Speaking & Listening skills in languages.
  • Practical lab work in science.
  • Map Work and Project work in social science.
  • Maths lab acvies.

Co - Scholastic Areas (Grading on five point Scale)

The Students evaluation is done on a 5 point scale which is mentioned below.

Grade Grade Point
A 4.1-5.0
B 3.1-4.0
C 2.1-3.0
D 1.1-2.0
E 0.0-1.0

Scholastic Areas (Grading System)

Grade Marks Range
A1 91-100
A2 81-90
B1 71-80
B2 61-70
C1 51-60
C2 41-50
D 33-40
E Below 33

Evaluation Details (Grade XI & XII Science Steam)

Grade XI Grade XII
Periodic Tests - 1(in each term) Periodic Tests
Term end Exams - 2 First Terminal
Preliminary Exam

Types of Assessment

Internal Assessment Assessment of Co-Scholastic Areas
Practical Board Exam Health & Physical Education
Project Work Work Education
General Studies